30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 26| Hidden talent

Good Morning😁!!!! We are almost there guys!!.. before I get on with today’s challenge, I just want to say thank you to those of you who have read, liked, and commented on my blog. I thank those of you who chose to follow my blog as well. I appreciate the support one way or another. I thank you all so very much for recieving me on here !!!! *takes a breath* Okay……so! Low key a hidden talent I have is I’m pretty creative. I can draw. Now I am not claiming to be a artist buuuuut I am good at freelancing (is that a word?) I can look at a picture on a screen and draw it out. I almost never have to trace anything!. Now I can’t take full credit for this talent now being exposed. In my family, I have members who can draw really good. My mother has beautiful penmanship. My uncle and his son draw very well..waaay better than me. I have a brother and a sister who can freelance too. We are out here honey lol …soo yeah lol

Yes this is just a poster buuut I drew the fist out on a black poster board by just looking at a picture on my phone cutting out each piece of the fist and then gluing them on the white poster board.
30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 25| Why do you blog

I am sitting at my desk at work thinking about why I blog smh very productive right? works been crazy to say the least and I just need a break. I am saying this even though I JUST came back from a lunch break Lol…ANYWAYS….I low key always had a little thing for writing. I enjoyed writing poems and stuff so originally I started off on tumblr but then I just stopped. So this year when COVID 19 broke out I was working from home when I decided I wanted to try again and actually create a blog page on wordpress. This time I wanted to blog to just journal my process in trying to grow closer to God perhaps to relate to other people ..maybe even help someone else..we are all in this pilgrim journey together right??

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 24| Where have you traveled

I have done most of my traveling as a child than as an adult ESPECIALLY recently. To get right into it, I live on the East coast so its a no brainer that I been up and down the coast. I have family in Virginia so I would always go there a lot as a kid. Kings Dominion. Virginia Beach. Of course we would go through DC to get there.. we hung out there..went to museums and so forth. Delaware, Jersey for church fellowships. Orlando, Florida to Disney World when I was like 11. It was cool I guess I met SpongeBob which was exciting! lol. We also went to gator land and universal studios. I been to Charleston, South Carolina for a week when I was younger for a revival I believe. Myrtle beach, for our high school senior trip. I have family in Philadelphia so I been to Pennsylvania Even in Lancaster, PA which is beautiful. Atlanta, Georgia for a college tour. New York City. Detriot, Michigan for a wedding which was my first time on a plane. I just went to Jamaica this past December which was my first time out of the US and it was beautiful to say the least. So basically all up the east coast no higher than New York lol.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 23| What you look forward to

Hmmm… what do I look forward too..?????? well, I look forward to where blogging may take me, the different opportunities that will come from this. I look forward to my career unfolding more and more. I look forward to my future family, being a wife, a mother, a grandmother, even a dog owner. l am losing forward to the woman I will eventually become. This all might now sound like much but it’s honestly enough for me lol.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 21| An old picture of you

Spring 2015

I was in my senior year of college when this picture was taken. Y’all I looked happy (and snatched!), but I was so sad here. I had broken up with an ex and it was just horrible. I did it because I just felt like I wasn’t considered, I wasn’t seen….BUT I didn’t realize how hard it would be to move forward. Break ups suck man. I don’t wish that kind of heartache on a worst enemy.I remember taking this picture and posting it on twitter (when I had one) just to try to prove a point that I was “fine”. I only did that because I knew my ex would be looking on my timeline and would see it…. childish right? I cried and slept through most of the break up, he was my first so it took much longer to get over him, but I made it folks lol. I don’t hate him, I honestly never could. I am grateful for the chance to experience the feelings I did with him HOWEVER ….NEXT! lol

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 20| Minimum of 5 Favorite blogs

Soooo this was unfair! especially because I just got into the blog game so how am I supppsed to know which blogs are my favorites???? I guess Ill give four blogs I enjoy reading so far…

  1. http://www.daintym.com- I love reading her challenges
  2. http://www.lunatheblog.com- I enjoy reading her poetry bar posts
  3. http://www.walkingthroughpsalms.wordpress com- I enjoy reading the inspiration quotes
  4. http://www.thechristiandietblog.com

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 19| Favorite Childhood Book


I believe I was in high school when I read this book. I was in the book club…as the secretary yall lol. This book was about a dark skinned girl named Maleeka Madison who had self esteem issues due to her skin tone. She was a seventh grader who often was bullied by her classmates and even society because of her dark skin tone, even because of her hair at one point. Colorism within the black community has been a ongoing issue. Alot of people who are darker or even lighter have certain complexes, they struggle with being confident in their own skin. Somehow we have been convinced that being lighter is better, that having straight or looser curl patterns means that you have “good hair”. Being dark skinned was not always glamorized until recently. This book was a good read for me as a young brown skinned girl. Maleeka was definitely a relatable character and it allowed us in the book club to discuss the topic of colorism and being confident regardless of what skin tone we are. We are all black regardless and beautiful in our own right✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼🖤


Day 18| What is your dream job?

I always knew what field I wanted to be in. It wasn’t until I got in college that I found out what I wanted to be in that field. That’s right yall, My dream job is to become a judge, a family law judge. I want to deal with children who sometimes lose their way or who do not have the necessary resources to be whatever they wanted to be, causing them to default to deviant behavior . I am aware that this area of law may come with some challenges especially when it comes to custody and divorces and so forth but, because my focus is helping the children at the end of the day, I am up for the challenge. The REAL challenge if I can just be honest is reapplying to law school. I ordered the latest version of the LSAT prep book but I just havent started studying for it, I am not as motivated as I should be. Life is short so why not go after what I want right?….so yeah lol

What are some of your career goals?? Have you started going after them? And how? If not whats stopping you? Think about it..comment below if you wanna talk about it!!

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 17 | The best thing that has happened this year

Y’all today has been eventful to say the least. I just received my package yesterday of blouses I purchased from Shein, so I thought I would put my dark blue one on today. So walking outside early 7:33am, it was pouring raining which wasn’t a surprise since Hurricane Isaias was paasing by today. The 20 minute drive to work was a bit difficult but I managed to pull in and I was thankful for God’s traveling mercy. So I go to open my car door and put up my umbrella, grab my coffee and proceed to scoot out my drivers seat when yall my cup of coffee spills all over me, my hair, and  my brand new blouse. I was over it then lol. I just poured the remaining coffee out on the grass, placed the cup back in my car, put down my umbrella and just walked towards the building in the rain. In my mind I wanted to get rid of the stain as well as the coffee smell. I get into work and I try to use wipes to wipe myself down to get rid of the stickiness that was resting on my chest from the coffee. The coffee also some how got into my badge case so I had to take that apart to wipe my badge down, which resulted in me having to head for the first aid kit lol so yeah today was indeed eventful.

Although today had its share of unforgettable events, I would have to say that the best thing that happened this year for me would be me drawing near to God . When COVID 19 first broke out, I was working from home and during that time I was able to reflect on myself. I started praying, reading the word, studying it, and really putting forth effort in applying what I read. During this time, there have been wonderful encounters that I will treasure. I have grown some much as a woman and I am grateful for the space I was given. I know I am no where near where I should be, and I am human I fall short and sometimes I lose my way BUT I still look forward to what is ahead for me.