Psalm of Mine

Being raised in a church can be a good thing, it can also come with some challenges too…

It’s a good thing because it’s your foundation…you are rooted, you can only go but so far until you HAVE to come back…not because someone told you to but because something deep inside tugs at you. You start to feel uncomfortable with where you are and how far you’ve wandered off . You know at the end of the day, it is right. It gets challenging however because if you’re not careful, you can become soooo religious, self righteous, only focusing on “doing this and not doing that”. It starts becoming more of a chore instead of a way of life, ending with you growing tired and curious of the other side.

We had bible study via FaceTime yesterday (#quarantinevibes) and it came up how getting a relationship with Christ doesn’t happen in a day. How we have to put in effort by praying and reading the bible even if it’s one verse, focus on applying that ONE verse to your life daily.

The last part of that sentence had me thinking…so tonight I turned both my TV and my phone OFF, and I sat and studied a scripture that meant so much to me( Psalms 73:25-26). It wasn’t until then, when I realized that religion says “do this and don’t do this” while a relationship with Christ explains why. This is a journey that comes with challenges but with a verse in mind, it can pull you through. I originally had a goal to read the whole bible this year but now my goal has changed. I no longer want to read the whole bible in its entirety, but I want what I read to stick. I want it to mean something to me. I want it to become something that I take and hide within me and refuse to let go. I want what I read to find me in my darkest moments and remind me that I can make it through every time.

This now has become a psalm of mine.

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