When the wait becomes a weight

As a child, I can remember waiting FOREVER on my dad to come pick me up on the weekends. I literally would have my bags right beside me looking out the window… jumping up when I thought I heard a car pull up in my driveway made of stones. Funny thing was he would end up coming when I would find something else to do hence why at present day, we debate on why I was never ready when he finally came lol smh. I have found myself waiting on prayers to be answered, prophesies to come into fruition, my season etc. If I can be honest, waiting isn’t my favorite thing to do. I’m apart of a microwave generation that just wants it now! I feel like I been through enough struggle to appreciate everything I have so why should I have to wait while everyone else is getting theirs right? WRONG SIS. At my old church, I often heard the saying “you wait wrong you wait long”. I kinda knew what they were trying to say but of course experience sometimes is the best teacher. There were things that I did that made waiting worse, made me become resentful, full of doubt, even bitter at one point. First of all, I was paying too much attention to everyone else and what they had going on. I compared myself to others and I often felt like I was losing. It just seemed like everyone else was out here getting their careers, houses and families while I was struggling to stay above water. I felt so far behind, that I couldn’t keep up. Second, I was in no way preparing for what I was waiting on, sitting around waiting like I had the means to handle what I asked for whether it was spiritually or materialistically. This led to the final thing I did, I tried taking matters into my own hands which ……made things worse. I thought if maybe I tried to take a short cut and try to fix it all up my way, then I could get it sooner and wait less but…you can’t take the wheel away from God otherwise you’ll end up detouring. That’s what I learned. A) pray and leave your concerns at the altar, walk away believing its gonna happen when its time. B) understand that you have no control, all you can do is the best you can, stay positive and KNOW, keep in mind YOUR TIME IS COMING. C) stop looking at everyone else and focus on YOUR process, what’s for you sis is for you and what’s for them is for them. You are an individual for a reason, you have your own path. And finally, keep preparing for it, nothing moves Christ more than faith. Waiting isn’t meant to be a burden, a weight you carry on shoulders every day but more of a means to strengthen you. To show you how to endure, preparing you for the upcoming levels. Trust the process, the results will be worth so much more promise.