A night w|the King

A while ago, there was a woman who was talking about the love of Jesus when she says “he literally wrapped his arms around me” and me & my friend was WEAK about it, I mean cracking up… maybe cause of how she said it cause sis was real emotional about it but regardless I was weak. I didn’t take her seriously. Fast forward to the present day.. tonight randomly I had decided to have a date night with myself. I lit candles, queued my playlist, heated up my leftovers (chicken breast with a garden salad) and prepared a seat for one in my dining room. So I was in my little moment when the song ” so in love ” by Donnie McClurkin came to mind. So I went to play that song and was jamming when all of a sudden in the middle of the song I stopped and burst into tears. Something came over me. Initially I noticed that I was crying but yet I wasn’t sad. I found that I was shedding tears of comfort. It was as if someone else entered the room with me. The presence was THAT strong. Then it dawned on me….HE was telling me that he was in love with me. Y’all, as weird as it sounds, I felt as if I just heard a man confessing his love to me while sitting across from me….it was such a presence and I was blown away. It’s kinda hard to explain but all the pieces finally came together. I had JUST prayed about being able to recognize him & building my Faith, I also been focusing on John 14:26 which talks about the comforter (aka the Holy Spirit), and now??? this. Again blown away. Y’all had to be there. Not only did I eat my leftovers but I also ate every single last joke I made about what that woman said smh. Tonight was indeed a treasure, a personal interaction that I never want to forget. If I had any doubt about if this is real..if going to church, reading the bible, praying was worth anything at all ??? I’m making it perfectly clear that I AM FULLY PERSUADED. No one was here with me tonight BUT HIM. I seen him for myself alone, on my own which makes this personal for me. When something is personal can’t no one take it away or change it. I love personal. I am starting to get the just of what a relationship with God is about…when no ones looking. When the church doors are closed (literally ) and your pastor and church members aren’t around. It’s a conscious decision to get close to God to see him for yourself as am I #GodBlesstheQuaratine. My thing now is I wanna remember this night as precious as it was. Not only that but I am curious as to what else is in store? the sky is the limit and I want more.

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