It’s been awhile but anyway…

It’s a lot going on, a lot of chaos, frustration, anger, confusion, misunderstandings..the list goes on. We all know what the issues are whether we agree on them or not. I just wish there was a sound way to getting a resolution. I am angry that we all can’t get along. I am frustrated that we all are all over the place feeling the same way but not on one accord to getting the issue solved. To be honest I don’t know what to believe. Riots are going on but then I hear that they are instigated by people…people leaving random bricks on the street where NO CONSTRUCTION IS GOING ON???..people …. apparently paying other people to loot businesses making it look on the news as if black people are going off as “animals” and the news hardly broadcasting the positive..the peaceful protest where policemen are shaking hands, praying , and even marching with the public…its like social media loves the drama. I don’t know what to think. I do know point blank period racism and prejudice against blacks is raging at an all time high. People are REAL comfortable these days letting us know how they been seeing us all along. Police brutality has indeed illustrated that..CLEARLY while those in charge of law and policies silently permit this to go on. I do know that I want this to end with a true change..some type of resolution..revolution…or some law or movement that won’t be forgotten. Something everyone won’t forget. Is this wishful thinking? is this far fetched? it is unchangeable??? seems that way but that won’t stop me from saying something even praying forreal for something to break. I need sanity cause this right here….like every other black person I am half way exhausted…like what more do we need to do?? don’t give me that black on black crime stuff either cause that’s different and invalid when it comes to this! and y’all know it.. gang violence does not justify the law enforcement(those in charge of making us safe) killing us voluntarily and violently OR viewing and treating us like we some beast on the loose. That’s a whole other discussion that is needed..gang violence that is however this is the present and a bigger issue and being aware to me aint enough. Someone ..something has to happen NATIONWIDE soon…….again I don’t know what to do or think at this point …when someone comes up with something …let me know I’ll just keep making awareness and praying until then …I don’t know what else to do..

That’s all .

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