30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 12| ” If you won the lottery”

My thing about this is, this topic here doesn’t specify how much you have won?! lol I mean that plays a HUGE part in how I would spend it if I even gambled?? ..but for this blog’s sake lets just say hypothetically I won ….let’s say …about 91.6 million AFTER taxes (whoa…I know I know a girl can only dream right?). THE FIRST TWO things I am doing is first, as my reasonable service, 10 percent goes to the lord in tithing. Second, my student loans as well as my mother’s parent plus loans would be non existent ASAP!. I honestly wouldn’t want people to know that I won, I definitely wouldn’t tell most of my family..perhaps just my parents and my siblings but I guess you can’t stop news like that from spreading. People would come outta no where talking about “rememeber when we used to…” for me to be like “we who?”. After I handle the first two things, I would buy a home and a puppy lol. Not a big home cause its just me but spacious and cozy enough to satisfy me.Then, I would look into investing and saving the rest.Contact a fianancial advisor..a legit one and go from there. Although…If there WAS a charity I found compelled to donate to, I would look into that as well. Besides all of that I wouldnt do much I would be scared of blowing it that I wouldnt wanna do mich with it besides what I said lol. I would still work like a normal person. I would keep the car I have probably pay that off too and keep it moving. When it comes to dating I would have to DEFINITELY keep the discernment on to pinpoint any vouchers! Lol. I just wouldnt wanna change. Money can bring the worse out of people. I come from very humble beginnings and I would really be focused on staying level headed “if I won the lottery….”

So yeah lol ugh I am so awkward lol

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