30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 19| Favorite Childhood Book


I believe I was in high school when I read this book. I was in the book club…as the secretary yall lol. This book was about a dark skinned girl named Maleeka Madison who had self esteem issues due to her skin tone. She was a seventh grader who often was bullied by her classmates and even society because of her dark skin tone, even because of her hair at one point. Colorism within the black community has been a ongoing issue. Alot of people who are darker or even lighter have certain complexes, they struggle with being confident in their own skin. Somehow we have been convinced that being lighter is better, that having straight or looser curl patterns means that you have “good hair”. Being dark skinned was not always glamorized until recently. This book was a good read for me as a young brown skinned girl. Maleeka was definitely a relatable character and it allowed us in the book club to discuss the topic of colorism and being confident regardless of what skin tone we are. We are all black regardless and beautiful in our own right✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼🖤

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