30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 24| Where have you traveled

I have done most of my traveling as a child than as an adult ESPECIALLY recently. To get right into it, I live on the East coast so its a no brainer that I been up and down the coast. I have family in Virginia so I would always go there a lot as a kid. Kings Dominion. Virginia Beach. Of course we would go through DC to get there.. we hung out there..went to museums and so forth. Delaware, Jersey for church fellowships. Orlando, Florida to Disney World when I was like 11. It was cool I guess I met SpongeBob which was exciting! lol. We also went to gator land and universal studios. I been to Charleston, South Carolina for a week when I was younger for a revival I believe. Myrtle beach, for our high school senior trip. I have family in Philadelphia so I been to Pennsylvania Even in Lancaster, PA which is beautiful. Atlanta, Georgia for a college tour. New York City. Detriot, Michigan for a wedding which was my first time on a plane. I just went to Jamaica this past December which was my first time out of the US and it was beautiful to say the least. So basically all up the east coast no higher than New York lol.

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