30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 26| Hidden talent

Good Morning😁!!!! We are almost there guys!!.. before I get on with today’s challenge, I just want to say thank you to those of you who have read, liked, and commented on my blog. I thank those of you who chose to follow my blog as well. I appreciate the support one way or another. I thank you all so very much for recieving me on here !!!! *takes a breath* Okay……so! Low key a hidden talent I have is I’m pretty creative. I can draw. Now I am not claiming to be a artist buuuuut I am good at freelancing (is that a word?) I can look at a picture on a screen and draw it out. I almost never have to trace anything!. Now I can’t take full credit for this talent now being exposed. In my family, I have members who can draw really good. My mother has beautiful penmanship. My uncle and his son draw very well..waaay better than me. I have a brother and a sister who can freelance too. We are out here honey lol …soo yeah lol

Yes this is just a poster buuut I drew the fist out on a black poster board by just looking at a picture on my phone cutting out each piece of the fist and then gluing them on the white poster board.

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