Day 6| Six pet peeves you have

Good morning!!! Today’s challenge is simliar to the challenge listed in my 30 day blog challenge ( I am starting to notice that these challenges intertwine alot ) but anyways so my 6 pet peeves include:

  1. When people play around with pronouncing my name- honestly my BIGGEST pet peeve like don’t do that its Quanay (Quan-ay) like…if yoy dont know ask instead of just butching it lol
  2. When people call me and I call RIGHT BACK and they dont answer
  3. When people leave any type of leftover residue on tops whether its lotion tops, condiment tops, toothpaste etc
  4. When people act with ulterior motives- I can’t stand the messiness these days and I try to not engage myself as well.
  5. When people change the temperature controls in my car.
  6. When people who ask for a ride are not ready when I get there- My family is good for this one here lol I will tell them when I am on my way and STILL they are never ready when I arrive and ……yeah

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