Day 11| what/who inspires you the most

Good Afternoon!! for today’s challenge ..I will be talking about who / what inspires me the most. I would have to say that as far as the who inspires me the most….I would have to give that one to God. He and his son Jesus Christ gives me the strength as well as the motivation to keep going on. I have found that he has shown me alot, he has allowed things to come to make me a better person…a better woman. He has been my hiding place. As far as the what inspires me ?? Ummm it honestly can be anytime.


Day 9|Throwback Thursday

Negril, Jamaica 2019

Hey guys!! For todays challenge “throwback thursday” actually throwback friday forreal …I decided to share this random picture from last year when I went to jamaica. I had just got done paddleboarding for the first time . It was interesting but yall my knees were …..LORD lol ..I couldnt stand up on the board I fell everytime which was funny in itself so I had to do it on my knees…its definitely a workout lol


Day 8| A day in the life

Morning😁 I honestly dont know how to feel about giving details about a typical day because THERE ARE WIERDOS OUT THERE…so Ima try to keep it as vague as possible 🤣🤣😅

  • 6:45am-“wake up & pray” alarm goes off. It’s usually loud enough to wake me but I still snooze it AT LEAST once lol
  • 7am- “Thank you Jesus for another day” is the first thing that comes out of my mouth before I pull myself outta bed it has become a habit.
  • 7:35am ish- by this time I am rushing out the door with my coffee hoping that I make it to work on time. I usually evaluate this by using landmarks on my way to work “if I am at this point by this time Im good” lol forever rushing.
  • 8am ish – work begins..and it is intertwined with blogging, texting and even reading a scripture lol but some days are more productive than others.
  • End of day- the day has gone…” thank you lord for seeing me safely home” is what I say as I enter my home and place my keys on the hook. I am usually on the phone or just watching TV until I dose off to sleep.

Day 7| Seven lessons you’ve learned so far this year

Good afternoon!! God is so good yall!! How are yall feeling today?? I hope you all are good… if you are reading this it shows you are here and alive and thats something to be thankful for!! So todays challenge is 7 lessons I have learned so far this year. Honestly? I dont have 7 lessons ( bare with me lol) but I do however have 4 so far and they are:

  1. There’s benefits of being in the single season- so I have been single for about 5 years now and there have been moments where I get lonely and I think about how it SEEMS like everyone around me is either pregnant, getting pregnant, getting engage , or already married and here I stand…alone. It also doesnt help when you are almost 30 and that “biological clock” starts to have you thinking….HOWEVER this year I am starting to embrace being single. Theres so much I have learned about myself. I believe I have matured as a woman. Theres so much I have enjoyed while being by myself even down to living alone…being able to just up and go…being on my OWN time…having that one on one time with God and even myself. Self love is the best love.
  2. When God got you satan can’t get you- THIS i just learned yesterday. I have been dealing with fear and anxiety. I just was scared all the time , thinking something was gonna happen to me. It would come randomly to the point where I would just …omg just cry. I would pray and declare the word of God while doing so but it just wouldnt shake totally. So yesterday I was like let me go and talk to my pastor. She made a valid point and a 💡 came on. She said “fear and anxiety is a way for satan to torment us. When satan cant get to us thats what he does. If he could get to us he would have already got you” and I’m like ” thats a good point” and from the moment I took that and now I am like God got me at the end of the day. Whenever it tries to come I will speak aloud to it letting Satan know fear and anxiety aint mine! And bind and rebuke it in JESUS NAME. So that was refreshing to know and Ima keep it in mind…God is truly my hiding.
  3. Fitting in just aint worth it- being who you are supposed to be is so much easier. Now dont get me wrong I am just now starting to learn this and try my best to not try to fit in to whats trending cause you lose yourself and if you already dont know who you are it makes finding yourself MUCH HARDER get lost. Another thing is I dont wanna be something or have something for popularity or recognition from others.
  4. Dont focus on the “do’s & dont’s ” when living for christ focus on letting God lead you- As christians we can get religious..thinking we have arrived because we dont do certain things anymore ..sometimes too being religious like that can eventually cause one to stray cause its not from the inside. I learning what letting go and lettibg God that takes patient and even faith. Its not as hard as I always thought it would be.

Day 6| Six pet peeves you have

Good morning!!! Today’s challenge is simliar to the challenge listed in my 30 day blog challenge ( I am starting to notice that these challenges intertwine alot ) but anyways so my 6 pet peeves include:

  1. When people play around with pronouncing my name- honestly my BIGGEST pet peeve like don’t do that its Quanay (Quan-ay) like…if yoy dont know ask instead of just butching it lol
  2. When people call me and I call RIGHT BACK and they dont answer
  3. When people leave any type of leftover residue on tops whether its lotion tops, condiment tops, toothpaste etc
  4. When people act with ulterior motives- I can’t stand the messiness these days and I try to not engage myself as well.
  5. When people change the temperature controls in my car.
  6. When people who ask for a ride are not ready when I get there- My family is good for this one here lol I will tell them when I am on my way and STILL they are never ready when I arrive and ……yeah

Day 5| 5 Favorite Movies

Good Afternoon!! I sound more excited than I actually am. Its a typically monday at my job busy busy and busy. I tried to hold out on my goal of NO sugair and fast food but yall I done failed already lol pray my strength lol. I need coffee this morning and I need sugar in my coffee today !! Now ima try to not use as much so…idk just pray for me PLEASE. Anyways, for todays 5 favorite movies. 1. Twilight- omg yall I love this movie..not because of the love story that consumes all the dark twisted vampire stuff. I LOVE edward and bellas love intense it is. Yall, even the book is awesome…better than the movie in my opinion. Then there’s 2.The fault in our stars- another romance movie ..Augustus is😍🥰 ugh. 3.The lion king- my ALL TIME favorite childhood disney movie I can watch that anytime any day lol. 4. Love & Basketball– great 90’s movie, I literally know just about every line in this movie!! annnnd lastly I would have to maybe saaaayyyy 5. A Family that preys- it has a great storyline. Tyler Perry did his thing with this one.


Day 4| The meaning behind your blog


So because I already answered this in a blog challenege before I just decided to just repeat what I stated when asked this question so…when I decided to start writing again, I wanted my blog posts to record my journey in trying to draw closer to God. I also wanted to perhaps relate to anyone who were or have walked in my shoes. COVID-19 has gave me the greatest opportunity to really examine my life and start to put things into perspective. So, with that being said when I thought about my journey in getting closer with God, I thought about the christian race as if it was a marathon, steady and consistent. To personalize it, I chose to call it “Her Marathon” her referring to  myself. “On The Run” kinda symbolizes me deciding to fully dedicate myself to getting closer to God, running  away from my past, who I used to be, trying to become a better me through Christ. So….I put it all together and there came ” On the Run: Her Marathon”.


Day|3 OOTD

Good Afternoon!!

Again I almost forgot to tackle today’s challenge and for a second there, I was about to throw something on right quick just for a good picture but then Im like nope! I been lounging around all day..SUPPOSED to be doing my hair soo let me just be honest and put this up lol. My true OOTD honey lol.. I also been on the phone most of the day just having convos about getting married and what would we want and so forth and I remember writting down what I would want (the colors, the bridal party, etc) but some where along the line I just begin to just say I’ll just go to the courthouse and call it a day. But once I got off the phone I started thinking about why have I truly resulted to that?? what changed my mind?? why have I given up the dream of having a beautiful wedding?? A husband?? have I just grown cold of the idea??…have I giving up? Do I subconciously believe that its not gonna happen for me?? Is it about the money?? what is it?? To me theres clearly a issue here. Its alot of think about and to face and process. So here I am as I lean in my bathroom trying to figure this all out lol


Day 2 | Thankful Thursday

Good Morning!!!

I almost forgot this challenge already! But God! Lol. ANYWAYS because today is friday ima just swap the thrusday for today…friday. I am thankful honestly for still living. The first thing that comes out of my mouth when I wake up everyday is “thank you Jesus for another day”. Alot of deaths have taken place around me this year and its scary to know that one day it has to happen to us. So I am thankful to be able to be alive and to live despite of what the day may bring good or bad